What You Need to Know to Download  Software to your Smart Phone

Download Method # 1: Due to the popularity of smart mobile phone, application stores that individually based on the platform of Blackberry, Windows Mobile OS, Android and etc. have been issued by the mobile vendors. Mobile application store provides a new profit point for vendors as well as bring up the loyalty of customers. Here are the six mobile application stores.

1. App store for iPhoneThe first one I want to mention is no doubt App store. Why? App store is a milestone in the history of mobile software development. It offers a convenient and efficient software sale platform for all third party software developers. App store is available online in July 11th, 2008, and in April 23rd, 2009, software download number had already hit one billion.

2. Ovi store for Nokia

Ovi store enables developers to upload software or applications that are developed by themselves and share 70% of the profit to software developers. In this aspect, Ovi store and App store are quite similar to each other. In Ovi store, mobile users whose Nokia is based on S60 OR S40 platform can download application, games, videos, widget, or share videos.

3. Windows marketplace

In 2009, Microsoft released its latest mobile operating system – Windows Mobile 6.5 and gained great popularity among mobile phone vendors. Also, Microsoft is the only dominate operating system provider that makes money by authorizing. If Windows mobile phone users are willing to download applications in Windows marketplace, it will bring Microsoft a great deal of profits due to the 6% market share of Windows Mobile.

4. Android market

As a counter back against iPhone App store, Android market is issued by Google. It’s predicted that Android will gain a rocketing development in 2010 as many Android mobile phones will be on market then, including Google mobile. And with the rapid development of Android mobile phone, Android market will also step into a booming time. In only five months, Google doubted the number of applications in its Android store and now it reaches to 20,000.

5. LG Application store

LG released its testing application store in the Apple announced that the download number in App store had already beyond 1.5 billion. Among 1,400 applications available in LG Application store, all of them support 15 kinds of languages and 100 of them are for free. Different from other application stores, LG cares the top quality and compatibility of applications rather than the species of the applications.

6. BlackBerry App world

Also in 2009, RIM issued its application store which named BlackBerry App world. Like the operation mode of iPhone App store, RIM shares the 80% of the application incomes with developers, higher than the profits Apple share with its developers. However, the total number of applications in BlackBerry App store even doesn’t reach 5% of that in iPhone App store. In such a circumstance, by sharing high percentage profits with developers, many developers are attracted by RIM and thus upload applications they developed.

Download Method # 2: Google, Google, Google

The good: If it exists, you can find it. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll probably be able to find something very similar. That is to say, you’ll find what you’re looking for 99 times out of 100. No matter how specialized, someone has likely made it and you can find it. It may or may not be free, but smart phone software is generally fairly-priced. It’ll be rare to pay more than an admission to the movies. Finally, you’ll almost certainly able to find a version that works with your smart phone model.

How to use it: Guess how. Start from Google (or another search engine like Yahoo, etc.) and search “(insert what you want) for blackberry.” Different sites will have different delivery methods. Many of them will be an Over-the-Air download. Some of them may also let you plug your BlackBerry into your computer via USB and click a button with your mouse to install it. All of this will be explained on the individual sites.

The bad: If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might get lost!


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